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Friday, February 4, 2011

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Elite Weight Loss Package

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Elite Weight Loss Package

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are You one of the 50 Million Who Don't Have It?

Are you one of the 50 million without it?
Are you one of the 20 million that do not have enough coverage and protection?
Are the high costs of protection and your bills getting you down?
Are you the one that is part of the 15,000 that lost it yesterday and every day?
Are you the one that went bankrupt because of it?

We are calling it the perfect Storm; In this kind of downfall you need a GIGANTIC umbrella

7pm EST
218-862-1300 Enter code 800380
This Friday is the big night! Bring your Guests
Then nightly, Mon-Sat!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Club Asteria, your gateway to a Brighter Future

About Club Asteria:
Who our members are
Individuals, families and corporate entities from around the globe from every walk of life, who are interested in global affairs and want to make a positive difference in the world.

Expatriates and immigrants from around the world, people who have left their homeland (or have been born in a different country of their parent's origin) in search of a better opportunity in more developed countries so they can live a better life for themselves and help support their loved ones back home.

Individuals and families from some of the most underdeveloped regions of the world that are living and struggling in their homelands and are seeking assistance to enable them to improve their standard of living for their families and communities.
In addition, we have many individuals and families from around the world who want to benefit from our products and services to live a better life.
You can earn a PASSIVE Income of $400 a week with Club Asteria even
without sponsoring someone.
Look what there can be your potential income if you simply pay partner level "Gold" .

Expenses $19.95 in a month, and you receive 20 Asterios / in a month

The monthly income

Month of 1$1,80
Month of 2$4,25
Month of 3$7,58
Month of 4$12,13
Month of 5$18,31
Month of 6$26,71
Month of 7$38,13
Month of 8$53,69
Month of 9$74,84
Month 10$103,63
Month 11$142,79
Month 12$196,06
Month 13$268,53
Month 14$367,12
Month 15$501,30
Month 16$683,80
Month 17$932,09
Month 18$1,269.91
Month 19$1,583.81
Month 20$1,600.00

This is not hyip or a get-rich-quick program but a non-profit organization that shares its revenues with members. Club Asteria is a golden opportunity brought to you by a former Director of World Bank, Andrea Lucas and this means that you never have to worry about legitimacy issue or fly-by-night incident.

Club Asteria rewards all its members for their loyalty and contribution by paying weekly commissions on the points (asterios) that the members have collected. So far since 4th February 2010, the commissions paid have been 10% every week! 2% of this is paid in cash and 8% is compounded as asterios, which means that your weekly balance and payout will increase every week. You can withdraw your cash earnings every week via various payment processors.

You can create a long-term residual income with a small outlay of $9.95 per month (silver membership) or $19.95 per month (gold membership). There is zero sponsoring requirements but if you choose to introduce people to the opportunity, you'll be well rewarded.

One of Club Asteria's objectives is to help all members earn at least $400 per week. If you upgrade to gold membership and do no referring at all, the $20 a month will get you 20 asterios every month, and with 80% of the profits reinvested/compounded every week, you'll reach the target earning of $400 per week by the 19th month.

You only need to pay the first 4 months subscription fees out of your own pocket. AFTER THAT IT IS SELF-FUNDING! $19.95 (gold membership) x 4 months = $79.80 will be your TOTAL COST to create a long term residual income of $400 per week, every week. You will earn enough weekly cash commissions to pay your monthly subscription fees from the account balance from the 4th month onwards ie use 4th month commissions to pay for 5th month subscription fees and so on.

However if you refer people to Club Asteria or purchase more asterios, the $400 per week earnings can happen within a few months instead of 19 months!

If any of your downlines upgrades to silver membership, you'll receive $4.50 monthly commissions and if he upgrades to gold membership, you'll receive $9 monthly commissions. If you refer 2 or 3 upgraded members, your monthly subscription is paid for and you're on a free ride!

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Got Medical is here

Just Out! It's Hot! It's Clever. It's Never Been Done!


IGotMedical's mission is to help the millions of Americans that lack health care coverage and provide a vehicle that will allow them to pursue financial freedom for themselves and their family.

Health Care Costs are on the rise. Employers are dropping benefits. Unemployed workers do not have the means to provide the needed health care coverage for their families. Self-employed people can't afford the cost of individual health care coverage.

What if I could show you how to secure affordable health care coverage you need for yourself and family?

We have the solution! IGotMedical offers incredible benefits at ridiculously affordable rates:

* $300 per day Hospitalization
* $600 per day Hospital ICU/CCU
* $5,000 Accidental Injury
* $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment
* $50 Physician Office Visit Reimbursement
* Hospital Patient Advocacy
* Network Doctor Discounts
* Dental Services
* Pharmacy Discount Program
* Outpatient Testing & Diagnostic Services
* Vision Care
* Hearing Services
* 24-Hour Nurse Hotline
* Emergency Travel Assistance
* Pet Care
* Legal Services

Whether you have no coverage or you're underinsured, we have a plan to suit your needs.

Join us on one of our calls Monday - Saturday at 7 PM EST. Dial l 218-862-1300 and enter code 800380

You can now protect and provide for your family. Let me show you the way!
Visit this webpage
To your health and success,
Connie Pusins

About Consuelo Pusins

If you’ve come here, its probably because you’re looking for a business, a sponsor, a coach and/or a team that can help you to be a true success in Network Marketing or marketing at large. Truth be told, you are probably looking for a way to FIRE YOUR BOSS altogether, and sooner rather than later!! The good news is that our business, our team, and our system can help you to do just that. If you are willing to work hard, and very passionate about building a home business, then we want YOU to join us.
I absolutely enjoy what I do and I take my business very seriously. Likewise, I am looking to do business with people who are serious as well about making a significant income from home.
and lets get started on this Journey! I’ll see you on the other side of Money!