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Friday, November 26, 2010

I Got Medical is here

Just Out! It's Hot! It's Clever. It's Never Been Done!


IGotMedical's mission is to help the millions of Americans that lack health care coverage and provide a vehicle that will allow them to pursue financial freedom for themselves and their family.

Health Care Costs are on the rise. Employers are dropping benefits. Unemployed workers do not have the means to provide the needed health care coverage for their families. Self-employed people can't afford the cost of individual health care coverage.

What if I could show you how to secure affordable health care coverage you need for yourself and family?

We have the solution! IGotMedical offers incredible benefits at ridiculously affordable rates:

* $300 per day Hospitalization
* $600 per day Hospital ICU/CCU
* $5,000 Accidental Injury
* $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment
* $50 Physician Office Visit Reimbursement
* Hospital Patient Advocacy
* Network Doctor Discounts
* Dental Services
* Pharmacy Discount Program
* Outpatient Testing & Diagnostic Services
* Vision Care
* Hearing Services
* 24-Hour Nurse Hotline
* Emergency Travel Assistance
* Pet Care
* Legal Services

Whether you have no coverage or you're underinsured, we have a plan to suit your needs.

Join us on one of our calls Monday - Saturday at 7 PM EST. Dial l 218-862-1300 and enter code 800380

You can now protect and provide for your family. Let me show you the way!
Visit this webpage
To your health and success,
Connie Pusins

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